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Writing Us Back Into The Birth Story Trans Birth Fund

Birth Center Equity and Orchid Capital Collective are thrilled to announce the Writing Us Back Into The Birth Story Trans Birth Fund, providing grants of $10,000-$20,000 to uplift BIPOC Trans*, Intersex, and GNC-led birthwork and family building through small-scale funding, strengthening movement intersections and building solidarity inside of the BIPOC-led Birth Justice movement.


2023 Impact Report

Reflect on another year of transformation and growth with the Birth Center Equity 2023 Impact Report, where our bold and thoughtful strides towards a just and inclusive birth care system are described and celebrated. Over the past year, we’ve taken significant steps forward, infusing $1.1 million into community birth centers.

We’re proud of our collective accomplishments, including the launch of Birth Center Week, which significantly raised the profile and understanding of community birth centers as safe, culturally-reverent, and midwifery-led spaces. Through the powerful efforts of our network, we’re not just witnessing change—we’re driving it, fostering a future in which we continue to grow birth centers, nurture community connections, and create thriving futures for families.

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Less than 5% of birth centers in the US are led by people of color.

This leaves most Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities without access to safe and culturally reverent care that is a key solution for reversing the maternal health crisis.

Racial inequity in funding and investment is a barrier to Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) opening and sustaining community birth centers.

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To birth a just and bright future, we must fund and invest in BIPOC-led community birth centers at scale.

We support Black, Indigenous, people of color birth center leaders to access resources to improve birth outcomes and generate community birth center infrastructure that benefits everyone.
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How We Work

Discover the ways we’re creating impact.

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We are an accelerator for BIPOC community birth center leaders to lead advanced resource and investment model development and strategies.
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We support BIPOC-led community birth centers to access new resources to ensure their collective vitality, sustainability, and growth.
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We strengthen the collective leadership and self-determination of BIPOC community birth center leaders to access resources at scale.

Watch Our Birth Center Stories

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Birthing World Anew in South LA: Kindred Space LA
“There should be a midwife or a birthworker on every corner,” says Kimberly Durdin. Durdin and Allegra Hill co-founded KindredSpace in South Los Angeles, where they are building anew “the world that works for us.
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Birth Center Sankofa Story: A Mother's Choice Midwifery in Colorado Springs
Hear the “Sankofa Story” of BCE member Demetra Seriki bringing Black-led midwifery to her Colorado Springs community through A Mother’s Choice Midwifery
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Culturally Reverent Birthing in South Seattle: Rainier Valley Birth Center
Hear the story of BCE member Tara Lawal and Rainier Valley Birth Center as they gather South Seattle residents to envision and open a safe, cultrually reverent, freestanding community birth center.
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Birth Center Justice: Abide Women's Health - Dallas, TX
BCE is proud to introduce Cessilye R. Smith of Abide Women's Health Services in Dallas, TX. Hear Cessilye’s story and her vision for opening a freestanding community birth center in South Dallas.
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Black Midwives Breaking Barriers: Haven Midwifery - Brooklyn, NY
Black midwives are breaking through economic barriers to open community birth centers, like Trinisha Williams of Haven Midwifery Birthing Center in New York City. Watch Trinisha’s story.
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Community Centered Birthing: Neighborhood Birth Center - Boston, MA
By listening to BIPOC communities “we create birth centers that work for everyone”, says Nashira Baril of Boston’s Neighborhood Birth Center.
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Equitable Community Care: The Birthing Place -
Bronx, NY
A BIPOC-led community birth center is coming to the Bronx, NY! Listen to the story of The Birthing Place BX and how Nubia Earth Martin, Myla Flores, and Bruce McIntyre are making sure their community has “access to equitable care by people who look like them & understand them.”
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Let's Birth the Future Together!
BCE CEO and Co-Founder Leseliey Welch shares our mission to make birth center care accessible to all, ensuring safety, abundance, and liberation for every birthing person and their families.

Our Partners and Investors

Donate today to make sure every community has access to birth center care.

To date, we have raised nearly $1.5 million in funding for BIPOC-led community birth centers’ COVID rapid response, general support, and financial model and infrastructure development.