BCE Member News | June 2022

Jun 5, 2022 | Birth Center Stories

KindredSpiritLA began construction on their new birthing site in May! Congratulations on achieving this extraordinary milestone! Click here to see their Instagram post!

Birth Detroit Releases New Report: Check out “We Are Not Asking Permission to Save Our Own Lives”, Birth Detroit’s first peer reviewed journal article about what they building here Detroit! We are proud to be a part of the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing’s Health Equity Issue. “This article describes a departure from traditional White supremacist research models that privilege quantitative outcomes to the exclusion of iterative processes, lived experiences, and consciousness-raising. A community organizing approach to birth center development led by Black women and rooted in equity values of safety, love, trust, and justice is outlined.” Read the article here.

New “Reimagining Birth” video from Neighborhood Birth Center. Watch this gorgeous new video from NBC and imagine the possibilities—inter-generational healing and so much more. What is possible for us collectively when we hold birth sacred? What if your birth experience was the most beautiful, cared for, moment of your life? What if care honored Black birthing people’s agency by default? Written by Jessie Laurore, art by @mollycrabapple, produced by @kimboekbinder and @jimbatt. Click here to view on IG. Click here to view on FB.

Abide Women’s Health Services has secured a $500k multi-year grant from the Boone Family Foundation! Abide plans to use the funds to expand their executive leadership team as they grow a solid foundation and prepare for the expansion of our easy access clinic to Fort Worth.”