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Understanding BCE’s Impact

Discover the transformative power of birth centers led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color as we tackle maternal and infant health disparities head-on. Explore how these centers serve as beacons of culturally-reverent care, vital components of a vibrant healthcare system, and catalysts for strengthening midwifery education and practice within BIPOC communities. Join us in building a future where every family feels seen, heard, and equipped to raise healthy, thriving children for generations to come.



    2023 Impact Report

    Reflect on another year of transformation and growth with the Birth Center Equity 2023 Impact Report, where our bold and thoughtful strides towards a just and inclusive birth care system are described and celebrated. Over the past year, we’ve taken significant steps forward, infusing $1.1 million into community birth centers.

    We’re proud of our collective accomplishments, including the launch of Birth Center Week, which significantly raised the profile and understanding of community birth centers as safe, culturally-reverent, and midwifery-led spaces. Through the powerful efforts of our network, we’re not just witnessing change—we’re driving it, fostering a future in which we continue to grow birth centers, nurture community connections, and create thriving futures for families.


    Impact Report

    Join us on a journey of change and progress as we reflect on the incredible impact Birth Center Equity has made in just a few short years. Since our humble beginnings in the spring of 2020, we have achieved four major milestones in our mission to promote equity and accessibility in birth center care across the nation.

    Our impact is felt in the stories of families who now have access to safe, culturally-reverent, midwifery-led birth center care in the communities they call home.

    Don’t just take our word for it – explore the facts and figures in our comprehensive 2020 – 2022 Impact Report.